X-Bolt design updates

Design improvements and lower cost manufacturing

01 Dec 2018

Notwithstanding the stellar results from the WHITE1 and WHITE4 trials, design improvements have been made to make the X-Bolt even better.

Our design update allows for an easier and better placement and also for lower manufacturing costs, either in Titanium or Stainless Steel.

We note that in WHITE1 the average Tip-Apex Distance (TAD) was 3.7mm greater in the X-Bolt group versus SHS (though reoperation rate was still 0% vs 6%, a testimony to the strength and forgiving nature of the X-Bolt).

The tip end has now been shortened by 2.2mm and made more rounded, allowing the new X-Bolt to be placed easier and deeper within the femoral head and thus easier to achieve a better TAD.

   “Good, better, best.
   Never let it rest,
   'Til your good is better
   and your better is best.”

WHITE1 tip apex paper pic