Strength and
Confidence for
Surgeons and Patients

The Science

X-Bolt halved the number of femoral head cut-outs vs SHS lag screws, in two large randomized control trials (<1% cut-out)

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Hip Fracture Stats

Women have a 1-in-6 lifetime risk of suffering a hip fracture. Median age of patients is 84 years. Hip fracture numbers rising with aging populations across the world.

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About Our People

X-Bolt was founded by Dr Brian Thornes, orthopedic surgeon and previous inventor of the highly successful ankle TIGHTROPE®

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Fast surgical technique with haptic feedback, allowing surgeons feel the bone quality as they anchor into it.


Strongest fixation versus all competitors. The expanding bolt design anchors in the trabecular bone and is at least 25% stronger than other devices.


Designed specifically to be easily reversible and removable; it avoids use of cement augmentation and complications of Bone Cement Implant Syndrome (BCIS).

Clinical Trials

Cut-out <1% in largest-ever clinical trial in extracapsular hip fracture fixation (n=1,000+ patients)

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