Strength and
Confidence for
Surgeons and Patients


PRO-X1 Trochanteric Nailing
XHS Dynamic Hip Plating
KARIBU Femoral Nailing

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IOTA Amsterdam

See you in Amsterdam, Dec 14-16
Call by our booth for a X-Bolt demo
Zeer welkom!!

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About Our People

Founded by Dr Brian Thornes, orthopedic surgeon and inventor of the globally successful ankle TIGHTROPE®

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Fast and easy technique. Haptic feedback on bone quality. Concise instrumentation.


Strongest fixation vs competitors. Stronger equals greater weight-bearing and mobility.


Easily reversible and removable. Avoids use of cement and its related problems.

Clinical Trials

Cut-out <1%
LOWEST EVER for femoral head fixation in the LARGEST EVER clinical trial in extracapsular hip fracture fixation (n=1,128 patients)

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