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30 Jun 2017

WHITE4 Clinical Trial

Randomised controlled trial of X-Bolt vs SHS for the fixation of trochanteric fractures of...

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01 May 2017

X-Bolt most effective resisting torsional load

Gosiewski JD, Holsgrove TP, Gill HS.

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01 Apr 2017

Tip-Apex Distance in WHITE One

Fernandez MA, Aquilina A, Achten J, Parsons N, Costa ML, Griffin XL

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22 Oct 2016

WHITE1 Clinical Trial

Zero (0%) re-operation rate for X-Bolt vs 6.8% with SHS in unstable A2 and A3 fractures

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22 Apr 2016

Ireland's Medtech Scene interview

Silicon Republic interview: While the digital sector is getting all the glory, Ireland’s m...

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01 Nov 2015

2015 Entrepreneur Of the Year TV show

Episode 3 of the 2015 EOY series, featuring Kenneth Greene (Greene Farm Foods), Catherine ...

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02 Aug 2015

Dynamic Loading

Dynamic (cyclic) Loading Biomechanical Study for X-Bolt®.

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03 Aug 2014

Static Loading

Static Loading (Push-Out and Torque) Biomechanical Study for X-Bolt®.

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