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300,000 patients suffer a hip fracture annually in the US, with an economic burden of $12Bn. A single episode costs $40,000 to the healthcare payor. The incidence is expected to rise by 50% by 2025. With traditional screw fixation, reoperations occur in approx 6% of patients, at 120% the cost of the index case (i.e. an additional $50,000 per reoperation case). Hip fixation failure and reoperation is most often due to 'cut-out' with poor bone quality and poor anchorage in the femoral head. A typical hospital fixing 250 hip fractures will spend an addtional (and preventable) $750,000 annually in reoperation costs, equating to a $3,000 premium per patient episode and notwithstanding the massive functional and emotional impact on these elderly frail patients.

X-Bolt Orthopaedics was established in 2007, with CE Mark and first clinical cases in 2011. The company's X-Bolt gives strong anchorage with rotational stability, minimum bone disruption, and avoids spinning the femoral head. It is also easily reversible and removable if need be.  Clinical studies include the WHITE One (n=100) and WHITE Four (n=1,000+) randomized control trials with a 0% X-BOLT reoperation rate in the published WHITE One study.



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