Clinical Results


Clinical studies include the WHITE One (n=100) and WHITE Four (n=1,140) randomized control trials. WHITE One is complete, with a 0% X-BOLT reoperation rate in the published study, and WHITE Four results are expected soon, with results from 4-months post completion of recruitment showing re-operation rate <1% for X-Bolt.

27 Apr 2019

WHITE 4 follow-up complete

Data analysis is now underway on WHITE4 (X-BOLT vs SHS), the world's largest ever hip frac...

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23 Jan 2019

One-Year Follow-Up in 1000th Patient

Largest Ever Clinical Trial in Hip Fracture Fixation Completes One-Year Follow-Up in 1000t...

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30 Jun 2017

WHITE4 Clinical Trial

Randomised controlled trial of X-Bolt vs SHS for the fixation of trochanteric fractures of...

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22 Oct 2016

WHITE1 Clinical Trial

Zero (0%) re-operation rate for X-Bolt vs 6.8% with SHS in unstable A2 and A3 fractures

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